How To Throw a Classy 1950’s Party

Everything in the 50′s seemed so much more elegant and fashionable. Such as the makeup, the clothes, the hair, and of course the parties.

So where does one start when planning a vintage party?

For me New Year’s Eve was just around the corner and I thought it to be the perfect time to throw one.  I went to my go-to on planning meals to everything else – Pinterest.  I looked up how to throw a 50’s New Year’s Eve party only to come up with actual pictures from the 1950’s with no helpful hints. Myself, being a 50’s enthusiast, thought, “Why am I trying to search for a How To when I can create my own?”  With this in my mind I have created this lovely How To for you.

Setting the Mood

The first thing I like to do is create an authentic 50’s feel.  This one little thing can instantly create an alluring atmosphere and it simply is – music.

Having Spotify I found and put together a playlist of 1940-50’s music from various artist. My playlist Link HereA few of my favorite artist are Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Peggy Lee, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw along with lots and lots of Big Band Swing.  In this modern world there are many other places to listen to 50’s artist so do not be dismayed if you do not have Spotify.

The second thing to be done is setting the atmosphere with – decorations.

Decanters seem like a 50’s necessity. In this photo, I set out my favorite vintage Dorothy Thorpe glasses to go along. I love to place a few flowers in my extra martini shaker next to the bar tray.

I gathered together as many vintage clocks that I could find, set each to twelve and placed them as the centerpiece of the table.  The plates I set out have old champagne advertisements, with toasting to the New Year in mind.  Gold seems to be the classiest color for a party.  I set the table with a gold tablecloth, gold place mats, and gold chargers.  Since I could not have enough gold, I created this adorable little arrangement of gold bottles holding the New Year. To top it off, I found some paper with mid century stars to make the 2017. Yes I did write 2017 with gold markers and added a little gold fringe!  Can you tell I am really liking gold?

If you are a lover of all things vintage you’re bound to have some vintage decorations and antiques to bring out for your party.  The best advice I can give you is to use what you have around your house.  Bring it out of the cupboard and give it new life.

Food & Beverage

Food and drinks are always a party essential and a good hostess always has both.  Whether you chose to have dinner or just appetizers and snacks is all up to you! Since we are talking about a New Year’s Eve party it tends to start and end later than normal parties (midnight).  I decided to host my party later so a meal was not expected.  As a reminder communication of what your party will include is a good gesture for your guest so they do not worry about if they should eat or not before your party.  I chose to have many finger foods with a mix of savory and sweet.  Cookies, cheese ball with crackers, chips, pickle tray etc.

An idea I did was to put olives in a martini glass for a fun little twist.  Helpful hint: check your local thrift stores for glassware.  I got that martini glass for just a few cents.  Just have fun with it!  I  mix and matched some vintage Pyrex bowls and glassware for the snacks.

Drinks of your choice! I included my favorite champagne (Martini & Rossi) for our New Years Eve Toast.  Be sure to have real glasses if you can, I think nothing feels more classy than walking around with a glass instead of plastic cups. Helpful hint: All glasses in my photo above are from thrift stores!

Entertaining & Enjoying your Party

Having activities planned out is a good idea to ensure your guest do not get bored.  Rule of thumb: do not make the schedule strict, you as the hostess want to make your guest enjoy themselves.  Make sure to leave time for chatting with each other.  When things start to slow down suggest an activity you have.  Such as board games, cards or even an old black and white movie to put on!

Ask your guest to come dressed to impress for the era! Not only will it definitely feel more like you are back to the 50’s, but how often do you get an excuse to dress full on 1950’s?

For my look I did pin curls and 50’s inspired makeup, (Makeup Tutorial Here!) Polka Dot dress, pearls, tights, and a vintage fur coat from my Great Grandma.  I have noticed many of these coats lately with most under $20 at can you guess?  Thrift stores!

My lovely husband wore dress pants, button up shirt, suspenders, and topped off with a vintage hat!

Just have fun being a hostess and have lots laughs!

A toast to the New Year!