Everyday 1950's Inspired Makeup Tutorial

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This is my everyday 1950's makeup that I want to share with you!

I start out with applying a moisturizer to my face and neck. (I prefer coconut oil) Remember to always go in an upward motion on your face and never pushing down.  I found this helps to create a lighter happier facial expression.

For problem areas I use Revlon ColorStay Concealer as a cover upApply where needed and blend with makeup brush of your choice.  I like to use the Sephora Brush #47.

As my foundation I use Covergirl Outlast All-Day Foundation.  Using the sponge it comes with, I evenly apply to all of my face and blend onto my neck.

In the 1950's faces were matte, to achieve this I use Airspun Loose Face Powder over all of my face and neck. What I really like about this product is that it is the same brand as in the 1950's. 


I apply Too Faced "Sweat Tea" Bronzer to cheek bones, and lightly contour face.

For blush I apply Too Faced Blush "Your love is King" to cheek bones.


My favorite eye shadow pallet is Too Faced Natural Matte. It has all the colors needed and stays on all day. I first apply the white "Heaven" eye shadow to my full eyelid with eye shadow brush. Generously apply a shade that is slightly darker than your skin tone to your eyelid crease "Cashmere Bunny", "Nudie", or "Honey Butter" are ones I use. With a smaller eye shadow brush apply a dark brown shadow "Sexspresso" or "Risque" to eyelid crease and blend.

Eyebrows in the 50's were arched. I use Maybelline New York Brow & Eye Pencil and Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade with a small angled brush to create the arch. 


In the 1950's eyeliner with an added wing was common. The best eyeliner I have used to achieve this is Kat Von D tattoo liner. Only apply the eyeliner as a thin line on your top eyelid and a draw in for the wing. A tip for making the wing, is to try to place it as though your eyelashes are casting it as there shadow.

Apply mascara to top eyelashes only, I use Sephora Full Action. 


The final and most important step for achieving the 50's makeup look is lipstick! The main colors of lipsticks that were used were shades of red, pink, or coral. Your lipstick and nail polish must match! (Or as close as possible, I usually mix a few different shades to achieve the desirable color) 

These are all of my favorite makeup products I use, feel free to add them to your collection and please share with me YOUR favorite brands! 

Do not forget to blot your lipstick!