Find Your Perfect Red Lipstick

In the 50's a lot of women wore red lipstick on a regular basis.  This is what makes these women so classy and looked at, as one of the most effortlessly beautiful on every occasion they are seen.

If you go into public today and look around at the women, how many red lips do you see?  Not a lot, if any.   Some of us see red lipstick now as special occasion only wear, or even intimidating to wear.  Why is this?  Why can we not wake up and put on red lipstick to start our day. We think we will be looked at out of the crowd, and maybe we will.  Is that a bad thing? Why not stand out instead of go along with the crowd.  Do we think it will make us looked at as funny or confident?  Anytime I have felt unsure to wear red lipstick, but do it anyways I feel confidence and beautiful. The Webster definition of confidence is simply this- a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.  Let's have more confidence with our red lips!

You may have doubts that you can wear red lipstick, but I believe you just need to find the perfect shade for you!  I am here to help find your perfect red lipstick shade adjusted to you personally!

Skin Tones

Fair Complexions-  blue-based red if you have cool undertones, pink and orangey reds if you have warm undertones.

Medium Complexions-  blood red if you have cool undertones, true orangey red if you have warm undertones.

Olive Complexions-  a darker brick red or orangey reds.

Deep Complexions-  cherry burgundy red if you have cool undertones, wine red if you have warm undertones.

Lipstick Finishes

Cream/Satin-  This is the most accurate to what 1950's women wore. It is in between matte and shiny. It has a richer texture and smooth.

Matte-  Has a flat finish. A good quality of this finish is it tends to be able to be worn for long period of time without a need for reapplying, but on some can make lips dry to see and feel. 

Gloss- Keeps lips moist and has a very shiny finish. Does not last long, and will need to be reaaplied often.

There are many brands of lipsticks out there, but these are a few of my favorites.

Besame Cosmetics- Victory Red a blue-based red with a creamy semi-matte finish

Colourpop- Creeper a blue red long wear liquid matte finish

Revlon- Cherries in the Snow a pink toned red comes in a crème, matte, pearl and sheer finish, it has been around since 1953!

Colourpop- Love Life a brick red with matte finish

Colourpop- Cozy a true orange red in a liquid satin semi-matte finish

Revlon Moondrops- Hot Coral an orangey red with a crème/satin finish, it has been around since 1956!

Besame Cosmetics- Red Hot Red a warm red with creamy semi-matte finish

Besame Cosmetics- American Beauty a darker cool berry red with a creamy semi-matte finish

Revlon- Fire and Ice red versatile for most skin tones comes in a crème, matte, pearl and sheer finish, it has been around since 1952! 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need more help finding your perfect red.  I would be happy to help!  Just comment below, or email me at