7 Day Red Lipstick Challenge


What the Challenge is About

What is this 7 day red lipstick challenge? Why should you do it?

I first thought of this challenge while driving home and saw my red lips in my review mirror.  I thought about how I used to feel scared to wear red lipstick. I thought of how people tell me now how they love my red lipstick if only they could be brave enough to wear it too. I want to convince you that you can! Go 7 days wearing red lipstick, and see how you feel in the end. I feel confident that by the end on June 7th you might just change your mind about it. If you already wear red lipstick come and join the challenge as well! Read here to find your perfect red lip shade everyone can wear a red lip! It just has to be the perfect one for you! Let's fill the grocery shopping, going to work, staying at home, going out, and every other kind of days with red lips for a week! 

The Challenge

What You Will Need

How To & The Giveaway!

  1. Starting June 1 - June 7th wear your red lipstick everyday!
  2. Take a picture of yourself and post it to either Instagram or Facebook and #7dayredlipstickchallenge @50shousewifeme

I will be joining and posting my red lips everyday! I can not wait to see everyone's red lips! On June 8th I will be posting a review of how my week of wearing red lips went. I will chose a winner from those who tagged me in there photos of there red lips. The winner will get this purse to hold there red lipsticks, pearl necklace, and vintage handkerchief!