7 Day Red Lipstick Challenge Results

Day 1

Thursday, the first day of the challenge I wore Victory Red by Besame. This was a normal day of the week with normal activities. I worked, made dinner, and planted in my garden. I felt pretty in red lips and felt like I got things accomplished. 


Day 2

Friday! Second day of the challenge I wore Urban Decay Vice 714. On the second day I realized taking a picture of yourself everyday is more work than it would have seemed, but I can do it! Went through the day and finished up weekly responsibilities, and onto the weekend! In the evening we went for a cruise in the 1951 Hudson Hornet! Red lipstick fit perfectly for the occasion!

Day 3

Saturday, the third day of the challenge I wore Coloupop Love Life. I went to a Bachelorette Party and had a good time wearing my red lipstick. I got a mannequin to join the challenge, and even found a red lips couch!

Day 4

Sunday, the fourth day of the challenge I wore Revlon Certainly Red. My husband and I road to church that morning in the 1951 Hudson Hornet. My mother pictured in the second photo wore Revlon Cherries in the Snow. In the afternoon I relaxed by the pool with family and enjoyed lovely weather! I felt glamorous to wear red lipstick by the poolside, and it looks great for staying poolside... Swimming on the other hand, you might turn into a clown! (not pictured...)

Day 5


Monday, the fifth day of the challenge I wore Revlon Moon Drops Orange Flip. My day consisted of cleaning the house, planting in the garden, working on sewing projects, and playing with kitties.

Day 6


Tuesday, the sixth day of the challenge I wore Colourpop Creeper. A casual weekday consisting of cleaning, lots of laundry, and taking care of the chickens. 

Day 7

Wednesday, the seventh and final day of the challenge I wore Besame Red Hot Red. This day consisted of meal planning and grocery shopping. 

Overall Thoughts

Today I woke up and put on a pink lipstick. It felt weird. I have become used to my red lips. It is a bittersweet day. More happy than sad though. I know I will see red lips again, maybe even tomorrow who knows. Now I know they can be worn any day! I do not need an excuse to wear them. This week while on the challenge, I feel like these days I tried harder than normal to have myself put together. I would make sure my hair, makeup, or what I wore looked nice. It was not drastically different or an unrealistic thing to do everyday, maybe just a few extra minutes I spent on myself. Each days of my week were all different, I had days I went out, stayed home, worked, and relaxed. No matter the day I made sure I had myself well put together. I do not feel regret or that I wasted time. I feel good about each one of those days. Feeling good and confident about yourself does not come from wearing red lipstick alone. Hopefully red lips make you change the way you think about yourself. What this all is about is making yourself believe that everyday you are more than good enough to wear red lipstick and feel that you and this day are special. Any day no matter who you will see, or what kind of day it is, you can be confident in yourself. 

Winner of the Challenge!

Congratulations to the winner Maranda!

18882019_10211745781913788_580851371876778509_n (2).jpg

There were so many beautiful ladies that did the challenge! It was hard to chose a winner! I want to thank all of you for participating!