Besame Cosmetics Snow White Review

 Recently I re-watched Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs for the first time in awhile. Having reminisce of being a little girl again, I remember watching Snow White often at my Grandma's house. She always reminded me of Snow White, and I would say that was her having same short dark curly hair. I talked to my Grandma the other day and asking her about Snow White when she was young. It came out when she was only six years old. She had gone to the movie theatre to watch it. 

When I first found out that Besame Cosmetics was releasing a Snow White collection I was ecstatic! With original colors from the artwork and palette from the 1937 Snow White film. I knew I had to own some of this collection.


The Fairest Vanity Mirror

Every vintage lady should have a vanity mirror! I love that the mirror is all metal, which makes it a nice quality. The back of the mirror tells " You are the fairest of them all." The mirror has a very vintage feel, and so lovely!

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Ever After Translucent Pearl Powder

This compact is so cute! I love the bird and bunny that is on the mirror. The powder works wonderful! If you have ever tried Besame's face powders before I would call this one similar. The only thing that I was disappointed in with the compact is that it is plastic, but it is still very adorable. 

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Classic Color lipstick Snow White Red

Lips red as the rose. This is the same red lips snow white has on the film! I love Besame's lipstick in general. The texture is very similar to Besame's other lipsticks if you have tried them. A very creamy satin like finish. 

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Classic Book Bag

 You could put all your lipsticks or some sort of knick knacks in here. The cover of the bag is the same as the Snow White book in the beginning of the film. A cute keepsake little bag.

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Snow White Storybook Palette


The eye shadow storybook has so many wonderful features. Inside the book it describes the colors, and how they were made from the original 1937 film. This is the first eye shadow I have tried from Besame, I hope they decide to make more eye shadows because it is a wonderful quality! Here I am wearing the eye shadow on my eyelids and also used the red as blush. Unfortunetly, the storybook palettes are all sold out from Besame Cosmetics. 

I love each thing that I received from the Snow White collection. I believe that they are great pieces to own. If you are a Disney or Snow White fan I think you would like any of them. They are all unique and accurate to the movie! I did not purchase the entire collection, if you would like to shop the rest of Besame's Snow White Collection Click Here


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