7 Day Sweetheart Challenge Results

Day 1


For the first day I woke up before my husband to make him breakfast before work.

Day 2


For the second day I had a drink and smile waiting for my husband when he got home from work. I even made a heart ice cube for his drink... but you can’t tell.

Day 3


For the third day 7 Day Sweetheart Challenge! I brought my husband a favorite, heart waffles in bed! 

Day 4


For the fourth day my husband went into work on a snowy day. A perfect cleaning day. I cleaned up the house extra clean and did chores he would usually do like feeding our little chickens. That way when he got home he could relax.

Day 5


For the fifth day we had a date night with dinner and movie night of my husbands choice.

Day 6


For the sixth day I packed my husband's lunch, and added a note for him to read later at work.

Day 7


For the seventh and final day I brought my husband his favorite drink, sweet tea while I prepared dinner.

I love to do these things for my husband each and every day! I hope that you enjoyed doing these acts of love also, and continue to! 

Winner of The Challenge!

Congratulations to the winner Krista!


There were many others who joined the challenge, and I would like to thank you all!