Spring Cleaning- Bedroom Edition


Spring cleaning time again! If your weather is warm, open up your windows and doors to let fresh air in while you clean! 

Last year I had used baking soda and vinegar for a majority of my cleaning, and it does work great! But this year I have found new natural products I just love! For me I like to clean more when I have good smelling products to clean with. My favorite new brand is Mrs. Meyers Clean Day! They have all kinds of great smells for different likes and seasons.  I also like that their products are natural, and made without harsh chemicals. I get most of cleaning supplies and products, including Mrs. Meyers products from Grove Collaborative. 

Click Here for a link to Grove and a FREE Mrs. Meyer's 5-piece set


What You Will Need

  • your favorite all purpose cleaner (I use Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Cleaner) 
  • rubbing alcohol (in a spray bottle)
  • broom, mop & bucket or vacuum (depending on if you have hard wood or carpet)
  • castile soap
  • sponge/rag
  • empty bag or box
  • basket 

What To Do

  1. You will want to start by de-cluttering you room. Get a basket and go through the bedroom to collect anything that does not belong and return items in their correct room. Collect all supplies you will need for bedroom cleaning and place them in the same basket.
  2. Remove your bedding, curtains, and any laundry that needs done. Wash your bedding and laundry. Wash curtains by tag's instructions or shake off outside. 
  3. Starting top to bottom dust all ceilings and walls with wet rag. Clean all light fixtures and fans of dust and dirt, remove to clean if necessary. With all purpose spray clean window screens, window trim, curtain rods, and doorways. Clean windows and mirrors by spraying with rubbing alcohol, and wiping with a clean rag. 
  4. Go through closet and get rid of any clothing that you have not worn in a year, old or worn out, or does not fit correctly. Put clothing to donate in a bag or box.
  5. Go through all drawers and dressers, discard items and reorganize if needed. Spray with all purpose cleaner and wipe down counter tops and drawers. (If you have any stickers stuck on a dresser like I did, Click Here for an easy sticker removal!)
  6. Rotate mattress if needed. Hang back up all curtains and put fresh bedding on.
  7. Sweep or vacuum floors thoroughly. Fill bucket with warm water and mix in 1/4 cup castile soap (or prefered floor cleaner.)  Mop floors with solution then with warm water and let air dry.

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